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Friday, 1 December 2017

This beautiful place has been printed on the note of 20.

This beautiful place has been printed on the note of

If you have a note of 20 rupees then turn it back and see, behind the note you will see a gorgeous scene. Now you will think that it will be an artist's imagination, which has been given a place on this note. But let's tell you that this is not an artist but a real scene. Yes, this beautiful place is in Andaman.This beautiful natural scene is of North Bay Island. This kind of scene will be comfortably visible as you move towards Mount Harriet. Let us know that Mount Harriet is the second highest hill in Andaman and Nicobar. So next time going towards this side, do not forget to watch this scene.

Companion with Andaman
If you want to live comfortably with your partner, away from noisy with your partner, then Andaman is best for you. A tranquil lake of Andaman Hindustan is in the Tropical Island, which is in South East. This is one of the special places for people looking for a quiet place for your romantic holidays.This place is known for its beautiful beauty with white sea beaches and lush green forests. In addition to the magnificent range of flora and fauna, Andaman is best for scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing activities.

Tourists should visit the famous Havelock Island, which is covered with tropical rain forests. It is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches. It is known as the Vijayanagar beach, the Radhanagar beach and the Elephant beach. Where you can do activities like scuba diving and snorkeling.

The port of Andaman, capital of Port Blair, is surrounded by the seashore. They can also see the British historic prison here. It has now been made a monument in honor of Indian freedom fighters. It displays the colonial past of Port Blair.

In the Andaman atmosphere, invoke yourself and your partner. It is a pleasant experience to go to a local place like Andaman during your holidays, it will be known when you will go there.

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