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Friday, 1 December 2017

'North Korea's new missile can reach Washington'.

'North Korea's new missile can reach Washington'.www.techxpertbangla.com

South Korea has said that the powerful North Korean missile tested this week is potentially capable of attacking the target of 13 thousand kilometers and the United States can come into its jade.The South Korean Ministry of Defense said that it needs to be reviewed to determine the interventional ballistic missile targets in the right direction. Many questions remain, but analysts believe that the powerful Hwosong-15 ICBM has made North Korea extremely powerful in terms of nuclear-based long distance missiles.
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The White House says that the aim of the Trump Administration is to end the nuclear program in the Korean Peninsula, and there is no other second priority. The White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters that when it comes to North Korea, the administration is focused on only one major issue and that it is to end the nuclear program in the Korean peninsula, that is our only priority, Are focused onSaar has said this on a question about the American administration's advocating change in governance in North Korea. According to Sarah, US President Donald Trump has spoken to his administrative officials several times this week along with world leaders, especially North Korea.

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