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Friday, 1 December 2017

Goa beat Bangalore 4-3 in the exciting encounter.

Goa beat Bangalore 4-3 in exciting encounter.www.techxpertbangla.com
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Fertoda (Goa) In the thrilling encounter of the fourth season of the Indian Super League (ISL), FC Goa, in the match played at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in his home, due to the fine hat-trick of his star player Spain's Ferron Corominaas, the league's new team, Bangalore FC, 4-3 Defeated by This is Goa's first win in the house this season, while Bengaluru's first defeat of this season. Also, the hat-trick imposed by the Corominas is also the first hat-trick of this season.
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For Goa though this victory is not easy. In the first half, Bengaluru, who dominated the visitors in full hamstring, got a good challenge in the second half and equalized after trailing 1-3. But in the 63rd minute, the Carolinas goal was a turning point and Goa won the first victory of this season in their home.

In the last minute, both the teams made a lot of effort to score goals, but eventually, the goal of Corominaas proved crucial. There were seven goals in this match, which is the highest in this season so far. The Goa team, for the first time in the house, started off with expectations and Bengaluru, who had won both the matches played earlier, had trouble from the very beginning. The advantage came in the 16th minute, when Coronas, who was the hero of the match, made it 1-0 ahead.

Corominas passed by the center, Edu Garcia, who ran on the box. He threw two players from Bangalore and then making the place for himself, put the ball in the goalpost easily. It was probably the easiest but most beautiful goal of this season. Five minutes later, though Bengaluru did the match. For this, Miku scored the goal in the 21st minute. Eric Partaloo passed them, and then Miku easily managed to retain Goa goalkeeper Laxmikant Kattamanie.

Although the scores of equals could not remain on the scoreboard for a long time. In the 33rd minute, Corominaas made Goa a further goal, with their second goal. Manuel Lanzarote threw the ball inside the box, which Bruno Pinheiro played from the header to Corominaas. The Spanish player easily put the ball in front of Gurpreet Singh in the net and gave the hosts a 2-1 lead.

There were no problems for the Bengaluru, who had lost two goals. In the 36th minute, his goalkeeper Gurpreet got a red card. When Goa's player was moving forward with the ball to Lanzarote, Gurpreet blocked his way by sliding, but due to what happened after this, the referee had to show a red card to Gurpreet and Goa got a penalty.

When Lanjaratte got up, Gurpreet hit his face and throat, after watching the referee gave a red card to Gurpreet and a penalty to Goa. In the 40th minute, Lanzarote turned the penalty for the hosts, giving the hosts 3-1 ahead and allowing fans to choke.

By the end of the first half, the score was 3-1 in favor of Goa and it seemed that he would easily make the match his name, but there was still more to come to the thrill in the match. In the second half, Bengaluru was changed. There was no pressure on him to lose two goals. He did not forgo retirement to return to the match. In the same attempt, he scored two goals within three minutes to level the scores.

In the 57th minute, the visiting team got a corner, on which kick Garcia took it. On this, Partlow scored the second goal for his team while heading through the header. Immediately before the goal, Bangalore's captain Sunil Chhetri's best effort was made by Goa goalkeeper Kattamanie. Three minutes later, Miku took advantage of the defenses of Goa's defenses. After finishing the ball, he snatched a player and put the ball in the net and brought Bengaluru to the level.

But Bengaluru has not even been able to celebrate equally well that he once again backtracked. In this match, Corominaas, who raised the burden of Gove's team on his head, made his team go one step further. In the 63rd minute, Corominaas scored a score of 4-3 in favor of Goa against Lanzarote. At the close of the Lanzarote, Corominaas took the ball and put it in a vacant goal and completed his hat-trick.

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