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Friday, 1 December 2017

FIFA unveils draw of World Cup -2018.

fifa world cup  2017 russia,FIFA unveils draw of World Cup -2018.,
Photo Facebook page FIFA World Cup
Moscow FIFA, the world's governing body of football, has revealed something about the draw of the Football World Cup tournament in Russia next year. The draw is scheduled to be held in Kremlin on Friday.

FIFA unveils draw of World Cup
Photo Facebook page FIFA World Cup

According to a news agency report, the ceremony will include Russian journalist Maria Komandaniya. In addition, it will also include Uruguay's legendary footballer Diego Forlan. Forlan said that expectations from the draw are huge and everyone wants to know about it, fans, people all. They have to decide where they go and which hotel to book.

Forlan said that in the last World Cup tournament, Uruguay and England were placed in the same group, while the Costa was also included in a group with Italy. Uruguay and Costa Rica entered the 16th round while performing shocking.

FIFA has already divided 32 teams into four levels and eight teams are included in each level. After the draw, eight groups will be formed and each group will have four teams. Russia is the host country of this tournament and therefore, he knows that he has been kept in group A.

The teams involved in Konmebol Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay will not be included in a group. In this draw ceremony, all football stars in the football world will be present under a roof. Along with this, FIFA president Giani Infanteño will also be involved, while Russia's President Vladimir Putin will also be present.

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