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Monday, 20 November 2017

Then I would like to work with Sunny Leone.

Then I would like to work with Sunny
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Mumbai. Actor Arbaaz Khan, who is preparing for the release of her upcoming film 'Tera Rahat' with actress Sunny Leone, says she would like to work with the actress again. In recent interviews, Arbaaz has confirmed the shooting of 'Dabang-3' in mid-next year.

Asked if he would like to take his co-star Sunny in his forthcoming film, Arbaaz said, "If I get an opportunity to work with Sunny, then I would love to work with them." In connection with the promotion of the film 'Tera waiter', the actor said that according to the story of the movie 'Dabang 3', Sunny will be required.

Arbaaz Khan, Sunny Leone, Salil Ankola, Sudha Chandran and Arya Babbar are among the important roles in Directed by Rajiv Walia and Aman Mehta and Bijal Mehta produced in the film 'Teera Rahat'. The film is being released on November 24
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