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Friday, 17 November 2017

The ISL starts with Kerala vs ATK match.

The ISL starts with Kerala vs ATK match.{}
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The fight is actually in the king-king. Face two star It's a goal to win someone for anyone. And that goal will start on Friday from the fourth ISel. Facing Kerala-Calcutta
Due to the famous technical coaching of Dutch mylestin, He has said that he will play in the same style as he believes in football. His only goal was to stop the unnecessary touch and create spaces in the fast-paced football. "I've always told the footballers, who like to play some of the best footballers in their place, trying to understand what they are doing on the ball and trying to understand their video. If you think of any of the best footballers, the analysis of his game will be the first reason that he will not touch the ball when he feels unnecessary. As a result, there is a strange rhythm in the game, speed increases game That's what we want to bring to our team so that the same thing can be seen in the field during the match. Of course not work straightforward. But that's our goal. "

In the 8 matches against this two-time champion, the Yellow Force won only once. It only won 2-1 before three years ago. Mullenstein, however, is likely to get a goalkeeper in the match. He is Yan Hume. Again, Kerala Blasters lost the first time in the ISL match, also against that one. In the last three seasons, it has never lost in the first Away match. They scored 11 goals against Kerala. Kerala rates twice in the final. All these information against the team before the 'home' match. But Mullenstein declared that he could play well and his team was perfectly fit. Alex Ferguson's former assistant said that the results of the past will not affect Friday's play.

It must be different from this. They are not getting their first match in the first match, Robi Kinn Kane. Teddy Sheringham, however, did not agree with it. In his team lacking goals, he thinks former Manchester United star One of India's national team star Robin Singh There are two talented youngsters Eugene Lindon and Joyce Rana. Those who are skilled enough to raise pass and understand any pass. "I worked hard to maintain. At the same time, we continue to be interested. To win, I want to go on the field Friday, 'says Sherringham. Although we did not want to know exactly which type of football it would play.

But before the examination against the Kerala Blasters, he told how his team prepared. "It is a dream to play in front of 60 thousand viewers. That's what everyone wants, all the footballers, all the managers. I know, the whole ground will be against us. But if we can keep the 60,000 gradients in silence, then it will not be a big achievement. "The inaugural match of the fourth ISL, on top of all, is the fight against one of the best 'homes' teams. Kerala Blasters won the last six matches in the last season. Again, it won the four Away matches. Kerala alone got the problem in its own fortress. They came to Kochi last time and lost it. The only black spot that has gone through in the great performance in the last season.

Before leaving the field on Friday, Mullenstein's only job was to teach his footballers that it was another football match and the record in football changed very quickly! "I told the footballers the only one, play them carefully. For the fans of the game, for the fans, you will play in the game. "The two new managers, with whom Manchester United are involved, will play their fourth match against each other on Friday night, in the opening of the fourth ISL!


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