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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The healthy Masood returns to the countryside through the spines, courtesy Moslem

Krishnanagar, November 20: Finally the End of Waiting. Having crossed the barbed wire, Mamun returned to the country by passing legal issues. The brother of brotherhood, who is now Relatives, looking for this calculation, the river fluttered in tears That's fun

After leaving the house, his family did not find the mental equilibrium Mamun. The border crossed the border. It is now healthy. Bangladesh Mamun Rashid returns home today To the family Around the known people

Mamun, a resident of Chamra 3, Rajshahi district of Bangladesh, rescued Mamun from Nadia's Chapra border. That's November 2015 Then he's closed insane. Krishnanagar Sadar Sadar sub-divisional officer Marfat Mamun comes to Moslem. The day is November 2, 2015. Moslem started his service there. The hair is shaved, she is dressed in clean clothes and is dressed in her.

One leg was broken. His treatment begins. Mamun became better in service and care. Moslem wrote letters to his house only after he could say his name. Meanwhile, Mamun did not seek the help of his father went to the administration of his father. Upon receiving the letter of Moslem, they rushed to the country. The initiative to return Mamun to the country begins. After getting stuck for a few days in the government's regulation, however, it was confirmed that the return to the country was clear. Today Mamun made a trip to Bangladesh with family members at noon Mamun's eyes on the day when he returned to his family,

He had become a member of Moslem's family for so long. So Moslem water in the eyes. "It's my pleasure to get back my family," he said. I have become a house from my house for so long. It's a little bit of a heartbreak. "

Moslem, the fourth class activist of the Department of Sericulture, has been doing this work on his own initiative. 18 years ago alone had initiated the initiative He was shocked at the road going on the streets, and he was shocked by the stray dogs. They could not bear the neglect and torture of the people. The house itself went out of the house Often people from strangers have brought strangers or psychological equilibrium people out of the road. Medical treatment is carried out by keeping them at home and cleaning clothes. Full personal initiative After the treatment, after some healthy people became aware of their names and addresses, he himself contacted his house.

In the last 18 years, 1018 people have returned home in the same way as Moslem Munshi resident of Galayadari village of Bethuadhariri, Nakashipara thana. This way, Mamun Rashid of Bangladesh returns home after the Moslem campaign In many places, the mental equilibrium person is sent to him only when he is rescued. Many people are sent every year on government basis. It has been very easy to cope with the huge expenditure of feeding so many people with their food in a low income. Nevertheless, they forget all the hardships to restore them home and return them. Tears out.
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