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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Such men are the first choice for women and lesbians.

Such men are the first choice for women and
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The scale of men's assessment has not changed much over time. In the olden times, an attractive man was identified with his curvy body and money, people still have the same attitude. In a new research, it has been revealed that what kind of men look attractive to people.In a study of the Coventry and Eberwish University universities, an attempt has been made to highlight what kind of men are attracted to women. For this, the researchers resorted to a website called Tube Crush.
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TubeRush is a site where travelers upload photos of attractive men traveling on the London Underground. Other website visitors then rate men, but let them know that the pictures on the website do not know that their photographs are uploaded to the site.

Researchers for research gathered photographs from 2014 to 2017 and their related information related to the research. These received data showed that the men and women of the men's body were stiff and graceful, and were more attracted to them. Also, the men who took the suit, watch and expensive phones also had a very high rating.Researchers say that this site takes photographs of strangers on the London Underground and presents them to the world. Those who do not even have an idea of ​​how their photo is doing home in the hearts of people.

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