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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Scientists engaged in the rescue of bees from insecticide.

Scientists engaged in the rescue of bees from
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People use insecticides to protect their farming and their garden. These insecticides kill your plants from insects, but due to these insecticides, innocent people of nature also become martyrs.Pesticides are used by insects, but chemicals present in it also kill bees like beneficial insects. But now the researchers are trying their best to get rid of this and in this context, they are preparing a pesticide which will only kill the insects that are planted in the crops and plants.
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The pyrethroid sodium channel present in pesticides targets the channel, the sodium channel is a type of protein found in the nerve and the muscle cell. Pyrethroids prevent sodium channels from closing, causing the nervous system to become very excited and worms die. However, this effect of pesticides is not same for humans.The Doong, MSU injected toxicologist and neurobiologist, as well as the co-author of this study, gave assurances to a single protein, which can protect bees like humans from humans with pesticides. The name of this protein is Tau Fluvinet. But it can be used not only for humans but for the bees' enemies of life.

Sodium channels are large transaminobren proteins of more than 2,000 amino acid residues. Dong spent many years preparing for this type of pesticide. In the beginning, scientists researched the sodium channels of mosquitoes, flies, crooch and found that wild mosquitoes have the ability to escape from pyrethroids naturally. But bees do not have the ability to escape the poison of pyrethroids.At present, Tow Fluvillanet is widely used to control farm pests and broma particles, which is the biggest threat to bees worldwide. In this way, the team of researchers is trying to make this pesticide even better so that the beauty of the environment does not threaten the lives of honey bees.
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