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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Review

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Review{}
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Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro is a good phone. But if the price was a little lower then this phone would have been better.
Samsung Galaxy J7 PRO Rating 


Our decision
The Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro has the best battery life, good display and texture and a descent camera. If Samsung has made it fast, it will definitely not be easy. This phone could have been a good phone and a good phone.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro: Detailed Review
Smartphones have become a very important thing in today's life. Any company only makes the business that benefits, while the customers buy only those products which can meet their needs. To know the needs of the company, the company does market research and incorporates those specifications which make the company more profitable.

If you look at Samsung Galaxy J7 Max and Galaxy J7 Pro, you will not see any of these logical. Why is there a low price and small screen in a costly phone (J7 Pro)? One of the posterity answers is that this phone has more storage, an increased battery and a sAMOLED panel. Samsung has reduced the second to increase a specification.

Build and Design

Its design can impress any customer. When you look at this phone it gives a nice look. The Galaxy J7 Pro has a metallic design and the antenna bands present on its back make it more fun. In most fonts, antenna bands are placed around the top and bottom in the straight line or around the edges, but Samsung has put them in a retactor pattern to give a different look to the phone.
It may seem strange to some people, but I liked this personally. On the back there is a camera in an oval shape, which is present with the flash module, it makes this device even better and unique. Its Unibody Metallic design makes it a better looking phone. Like other Samsung's smartphones, this phone has also provided some rough rear aces. Its aluminum is thick, strong and anodized. It can bump on falling but can easily save the hardware inside your phone easily. The Galaxy J7 Pro is not a perfect phone but it is easier to use than its other competitors.

In the end, Samsung has reduced some bezels, though it does not have a toll form factor like 18: 9 fps. I think the company will soon get this rhetoric in this budget. For now, the Galaxy J7 Pro is a unique design and drew look, strong phone. According to the design, this is the perfect phone for me.

The display

Whenever I travel in public transport, I have seen most people watching TV shows, movies and videos in their mobile phones. For which the users need high resolution display and good view angles and good color reproduction. Samsung has offered it all in its 1080p sAMOLED panel.

If you are streaming high resolution content of Netflix and Amazon Prime, that too will look very good in this display. Samsung's display also looks good in sunlight and outside normal view. Most of the displays today pass this test, while Samsung's display provides a good performance with many other fonts. When we talk of budget fonts, most phones offer just fine views in the outdoor. The Galaxy J7 Pro's display is bright, vivid and premium.

On samsung

In this phone you are getting Samsung's new social camera feature and the full version of Samsung Pay. This phone is NFC enabled, you can make contactless payments using Samsung Pay in this phone. This feature is seen by a reduction in budget fones. I have seen in Galaxy S8 + and Note 8 that Samsung Pay can be used twice daily.


By coming here the things become difficult. The Galaxy J7 Pro also has 64GB storage which is also good for anyone. This device has an Xinos 7870 octa-core chipset and it is equipped with the At Cortex A53 course. This device has 3GB RAM which is not impressive.

The phone performance is enough for daily work, but you will find it quite dull. It takes time to register a fingerprint sensor, while the apps take a little time to load. The phone is not very fast, but still it will work. Samsung uses less bandwidth memory here, which clearly shows up.
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