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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

No need to take bath with bleach water.

No need to take bath with bleach
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The faster the population is increasing, the faster the diseases are increasing. Not only are people troubled by diseases like cancer or Alzheimer's, but there are some problems associated with skin, which is not less in relieving people. There is a problem associated with this skin, which we can call eczema.

Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis. We are going to tell you through this article that what happens is eczema. In eczema, the infected skin becomes red and dry. And there are spots on there. If the skin gets infected, it may look wet or moist. Scrubbing the scabbed areas in the skin increases irritation.
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One thing related to this is given by the dermatologist at Northwestern University Feinberg Medical University. He told that many doctors are saying bathing with bleach water during this infection in which light bleach is mixed with lukewarm water and is taken for bathing. Doctors believe that this eliminates bacteria and provides relief.

But the dermatologist at Northwestern University Feinberg Medical University said that the use of bleach can be a threat to your skin, which can flourish skin irritation without talking. He said, "If you do not use bath soap with natural hot water or cold water, you can get rid of this problem even after which you need to put a good moisturizer on the body."

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