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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Learn about LG 34UC79G Ultra Wide Gaming Monitor Everything.

Learn about LG 34UC79G Ultra Wide Gaming Monitor Everything.www.techxpertbangla.com
LG 34UC79G ultra-wide gaming monitor offers 21: 9 aspect ratios and 144Hz refresh rates

When it comes to professional gaming, then there may be a difference between having the right equipment to be excellent and brilliant. Skills, talents, and reflexes play an important role, but the proper hardware can really increase those skills and take a notch up. While most gamers look at input devices like a mouse or keyboard while talking of gaming hardware, the importance of output devices like gaming monitors cannot be ignored. Let's take a look at a similar gaming monitor, LG 34UC79G.

The first thing you will notice about the LG 34UC79G is its look. Most standard monitors present in the market offer 16: 9 aspect ratios, while the LG 34UC79G offers a wide range of aspect ratio of 21: 9. This means that you will be able to see the game better and in comparison to 16: 9 you will be able to reach the hidden enemies here. In addition, the wide aspect ratios that connect with curved screens mean that your gameplay experience will be deep and brilliant.
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However, with the LG 34UC79G gaming monitor, there is not only a wide field of view and curved screen, but the monitor returns a refresh rate of 144Hz. This means that in a second, the Displace itself is capable of refreshing 144 times. That is, you will have a smoother gameplay and better experience than the 60-Hz, 75Hz or 120Hz refresh rate, monitor.

This makes a big difference, especially if you prefer to play high-speed shooters, where there are lots of action on the screen. With 144Hz refresh rate, the action is smoother and better. You will be able to see your targets and objectives better.

In addition to the Fast Refresh rate, this laptop offers features called 1 Ms. Motion Blur Cut Technology. This technology reduces the response time of the monitor to 1ms. This means that the input you give will be displayed almost immediately. This is done by adding a blank screen between frames, which displays each frame completely on the refresh panel. This is also important as refresh rate. High input Lag means that your enemy will have more chances to attack first, which no one wants to play.
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The LG 34UC79G Ultra Wide Gaming Monitor also comes with other gaming features. The crosshair feature is placed in the center of the screen for a target device. This helps in increasing the acuity in a shooting, that is, you will know where the pill will go. The black stabilizer increases the brightness in the dark areas, so you will know when an enemy is hidden. A feature which will be crucial in setting the level at night. Dynamic Action Sinks or DAS help keep things simple during gaming, which every gamer will like.

LG 34UC79G also has a feature called Game Mode, allowing you to set the monitor for optimal gaming condition. There are 3 modes you can choose, 2 of which are for the first-person shooter and for an RTS game.

The purpose of the first FPS mode is to play games in the day, while the second FPS mode is to set the games in the night or in the dark. RTS mode is specifically for playing Real Time Strategy games like Starcraft, Warcraft, and League of Legend.

With many gaming-focused features such as 144Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms Blur Reduction Technology, LG 34UC79G is definitely an interesting option for any pro gamer in search of gaming monitors. Curve Ultra Wide Monitor improves viewing area, and you are getting such a monitor.

Add this curved ultra-wide monitor that improves the immersion and viewing area, that is, you've got a monitor that will help any gamer take his skill to a higher level.
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