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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Jyoti, Shashi, Ankushita Youth World Championship Final.

Jyoti, Shashi, Ankushita Youth World Championship Final.www.techxpertbangla.com
Indian women boxers
Guwahati. India's Jyoti (flyweight), Shashi Chopra (featherweight) and local star Ankushita Boro (Lightweight) have made it to the final of the AIBA Women's World Boxing Championship here on Friday. Three Indian boxers have secured at least a silver medal for them with the easy win. Thanks to the great game these players entertained hundreds of spectators here.India's High-Performance Director Rafael Bergmasko's 'Shadow Boxing Drill' done a day before the final match came in the hands of Indian players. Rafael constantly told his boxers, "Jab, Side Step, Hook to the Face, Jas, Unleash the 1-2 to the Midfield, Duck, Move to the Right, Throw a Straight Punch from the Shoulder, When Move Away. Never Keep backing up. "
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On Friday, Indian girls fully remembered the words of their High-Performance Director and emerged victorious in a spectacular manner. Jyoti fought far away against his opponent Jhansaya Abagraymova. The boxer from Kazakhstan, who is known for his aggressive game, looked quite troubled. As soon as he wanted to charge, Jyoti fell on the edge and using the left jab, he used to do Panch Panch, three punch combo. This gave them the easy edge.In the second round, however, Jyoti looked a little lazy. This gave their opponent a chance to return. In the third round though, Jyoti returned with the hunger of victory. He continued to attack and continuously mixing his attack. He used the Left jab and short brushes on the opposition player and at some occasions hit the face of Jansya. The Kazak girl also used all her experiences against Jyoti but eventually, she was forced to give up.
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In the Featherweight category, Shashi defeated Namun Monkhor of Mongolia. This Indian player has made several strong attacks on the face and body of the Mongolian boxer. He appeared very dangerous in the second round. He made a huge attack on Namun's face and forced the referee to stand up. In the third round, Shashi presented the statue of straight punches and forced his opponent to retreat.
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Ankushita, however, started a slow start against Thailand's Thanchnok Sakshi, but as the time progressed, she continued to achieve the rhythm. After this, he slowly became aggressive and attacked the face and body with a strong attack. In the third round, Ankushita considered her body iron and fought her name.Ankushita said after the match, "It was easy for me to compete. My height was good and that is why I got to score."Neha Yadav, India's fourth player, who reached the semi-finals, though lost. Neha beat Dina Ismailbekova of Kazakhstan in heavyweight category The Kazak boxer got heavily on young Neha but Neha also fought a lot. By the way, he could not match his opponent fiercely.
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