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Monday, 20 November 2017

In India, these places are as beautiful as equally dangerous.

People are always looking for folks who are brave in such places. Regardless of why there is a danger, there is certainly a way to go. There are places around the world where people want to spend their holidays outside and outside.

Such places are also present in India, whose beauty is trustworthy in the world. Its beautiful junkie is also the beauty of foreign tourists. I do not know how many foreign tourists will come here to come here. We do northern India or south India, the wealth of natural beauty is hidden in every corner of the country.

There are so many places in India which are very nice but equally dangerous. These are places where people should think hundreds of times before going. Through this article, we will not mention the place you will not know about.

1. Fagdy Math
This place is located in Ladakh, also known as Fangtala Goswas. This is a place where people are attracted by its beauty, but its high hills can prove quite fatal.

2.  Some people are also called Dumas Beach. It is located in Gujarat, because it is saying the story of the people behind it because it faces the ghosts. Because of this, there are not just the dangers here.

3. Dros
The dash is also located in Ladakh, it is counted among the second coldest places in the world. If you want to turn here, both terrorists and cold may be risky.

4.Manas National Park
Manas National Park is located in Assam, which you have heard many years ago. Do not know the beautiful views here, but terrorists of Bado militants can be in danger for you.

5. Silent Valley

Kerala is called God Land. In the silent valley in Kerala's Palakkad District, where Maoists have been invading for some time, because this place is not safe for tourists.
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