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Monday, 20 November 2017

Google Glass will help children suffering from autism

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Those who are still announcing the failure of Google Glass, they will soon come to the conclusion that this tool helps improve the social skills of children suffering from autism. The company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts has developed a system for autistic children who runs on Google Glass, which includes Google's newly released Glass Enterprise Edition.

NewScience-based Augmented Reality Brain Power launched the 'Empire Me' system earlier this month. The 'Empower Me' system is a digital coach, which runs on smart glass, it teaches social and cognitive skills to children and adults suffering from autism.

photo credit-INT
The company said that the use of the Google Glass Platform has been done because the tablet and phone need to be bowled over. But with the help of the Wearer Platform, people can make social connections by lifting heads and keeping their hands free. Biden Power Chief Executive Neid Sahin said in a statement, "Empowering people is my passion."

Sahin said, "The technique is often blamed for cutting people apart from social interaction. But my goal is to bring people closer and closer to the use of technology and science and to open the power of their unique minds. is."

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