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Monday, 20 November 2017

Follow these makeup tips in the winter.

Follow these makeup tips in the
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Winters are coming and this season's perfect makeup can keep your skin beautiful and attractive. Experts say that the choice of creams containing blush and matte lipstick for perfect makeup can give you an attractive look.

VLCC Group founder Vandana Luthra has given some makeup tips, which will make you easy to make-up in the cold season:

* Use the Liquid Foundation in the winter. Women with rustic skin avoid using the powder foundation in winter, while women with oily skin can use the creamy or powder foundation.

* Use creamy blushers instead of powder blush in winter.

* Use liquid or gel eyeliner instead of pencil eyeliner for eyes and use creamy eyeshadow.

* Apply creamy lipstick, if matt is putting lipstick, apply lip balm or lip balm over the lip to keep moisture in the lip and prevent it from cracking.

Follow these makeup tips in the
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Beauty brand Revlon has also suggested these suggestions:

* Color plays an important role in the winter. Use brown color like gray, gray, which will make your eyes look attractive. You can also use waterproof mascara because it is natural to get water from the eyes due to cold winds.

* Use blush and bronzer or compact powder with satellites and warm colors, such as Rose Shade.

* If your lips are torn, apply sunscreen lip balm and if the lip is correct then apply lip balm with moisturizers.

* Avoid planting lipsticks or longer lipstick because it can cause stiffness, you can apply lip gloss, which will make your lips glow.
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