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Monday, 20 November 2017

Florian Enterprises to prove the GI-accreditation 12 kg rasgolla

Phulia (Nadia), November 20: Address of the largest casualty is now Phulia of Nadia district. Because, in all, the lasagna weighs about 12 kg. The record was made in the worksheet of Phulia Haradhan Moira, a craftsman of chemistry at the initiative of local Junior One Hundred Club. In this work, four Moira was appointed. Around 6.5 kg of chana, 500 grams of flour and 150 kg of sugar are used to make juice gourd.

Recently Bengali has received GI (Geographic Identification) of the rasgolla . Nadir is also associated with this rosary in Bengal. The people of Phulianas have shown the way to rasgolla in Bengal. rasgolla was first created by Nadia Fulia resident Haradhan Mandal. Who was the Zamindar Bari Moira of the Palchowdhury of Ranaghat? There he made rasgolla . So to honor him, Phulia is the world's largest rasgolla . Yesterday, many people rushed to see the fancy rasgolla .

Around two and a half km long alpana were painted on the road recently by the initiative of One Hundred Club. Now, this initiative has been created by their initiative. It is the biggest rasgolla in the world claiming the entrepreneurs.
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