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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

College life is to do the weight, then weigh less and say happiness.

College life is to do the weight, then weigh less and say
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Despite the stress, keeping happy and positive and controlling body weight, students can live well in college life. This thing has come out in a study. Indeed, among the growing tension and anxiety among students in college life, researchers wanted to know what things in this environment can help students spend good college life. For the same purpose, they studied this, in which the results were revealed.

Weight affects health: The researchers, according to the results of weight and body mass index (BMI) data collected, showed that its effect on physical and mental health.

Especially the college students, who are suffering from high levels of anxiety and stress. Researchers have suggested that this happens to those who ignore their physical health and ignore exercise. As a result, their anxiety and stress levels continue to increase.
He did the study: Researchers at the University of Michigan-based University of America and Fudan University of China studied the impact of BMI on college students. According to a study published in the Biomedical Journal of Scientific and Technical Research, researchers found that positive attitude and BMI both play an important role in keeping students' college life healthy.

Studied like this: Associate Professor Wayne Chen at the University of Michigan told that for the study, researchers asked 925 students to give a score about four things. These four things related to psychological health were hope, gratitude, a satisfaction of life and subjective happiness. Apart from this, the researchers checked their weight according to the height of the students and they were asked how well they sleep, how healthy they are. Feeling so anxious, anxious or depressed to themselves

These results come in front: According to Chen, the study showed that students who have a positive attitude about being optimistic, mostly those students pay attention to their body. As a result of this, they control their weight. All these things together help them to spend good college life. At the same time, negative thoughts and pessimistic students, on the other hand, are not only physically but mentally unhealthy.

These suggestions: Researchers have suggested to such students that they can bring their lives in a healthy way in a phased manner. First of all, pay attention to your body and control your weight through the gym, etc. This will not only make them feel physically but mentally healthy even themselves. With this, if they adopt a positive attitude, then they will be able to live a good college life.

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