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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

2 youth arrested in ISL match molestation case.

2 youth arrested in ISL match molestation case.www.techxpertbangla.com
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Chennai. North East United FC said on Monday that the Chennai Police arrested two youths on Monday for allegedly molesting a girl from a North-East during the Indian Super League match.During the last days between Chennai FC and North East United FC, some boys in the stadium surrounded a girl from the North-Eastern state and used to object to the use of objectionable gestures and words while tampering with them. In this regard, a video was viral. In a viral video, a boy is seen dancing in front of a girl. Both clubs condemned the incident.
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Now North East United FC has expressed happiness over the police action and has made a tweet regarding the arrest of two boys in this case. The tweets said that these boys have been sent to judicial custody for the time being. After the incident, North East United's owner actor John Abraham said in a statement, "It is very disappointing to see me when the game becomes a dangerous place for anyone. The girl who has been a victim of this incident, Stand up and do not think that you are alone at this time. I personally meet you and I will assure you that you are okay. "

"I know (Chennai FC co-founder Abhishek Bachchan) and I do not expect such behavior from my true fans, I am sure you will find and assure them," he said, stating the 'fans' who teased the girl 'fake'. You apologize for your behavior and you will be punished for it. "

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